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For all of your crafting and personalization needs!

Crayz.Foxz.Craftz. started as a hobby. My creative side wasn't being utilized ANYWHERE and I felt like I needed an outlet. I have always been good with my hands and I've always enjoyed making things, even as a child. I also get excited by the joy that my work brings to others. 

So here we are! A real business with a website. I have gone from making mugs, coasters and plaques to making T-shirts, skinny tumblers, puzzles, keychains and I can't wait to do more!


I purchase many of the designs you see, but I relish the art on bringing my own concepts and designs to life. I spend hours sitting at my desk pouring into my craft, into my business.


I am finally investing in ME! The joy my work brings others is incidental. But it is MAJOR motivation to keep going on days when I fell like giving up.


So THANK YOU, Crayz customerz! I wouldn't be here without you.